AGM 2020

The following summary of the 2020 AGM (which appeared in the Shere Parish Magazine) has been kindly provided by Marion Taylor-Cotter:

The AGM of Shere Swimming Pool Club was held for the first time on Zoom on the evening of November 18, with more than 35 participants.  Steve Moggs was the Zoom co-ordinator and Chairman David Roe opened the meeting with a short explanation of how proceedings would be handled.

Steve Moggs gave a very good resumé of a swimming season severely shortened by Covid-19. An interesting presentation was then given by Rosie Williams on the members’ survey on the limited season, the main message being that swimmers had been very grateful for the Trustees’ efforts to enable the pool to operate under the Covid restrictions. Many enjoyed booking their slot and swimming in lanes. Clive Stevens then delivered an overall view of the operation and two questions were asked concerning the water source and also if the Trustees would consider extending the season in future. These were referred to the next Trustees’ meeting.

Betty Fitzpatrick enthusiastically thanked everyone who had helped on the cleaning rota, especially those who did so more than once and in light of the
Covid-19 restrictions. Membership Secretary David Pryor told the meeting that there were 420 members this year, fewer than last year, but this number
could well rise again next season if Covid restrictions were less onerous. Next, Peter Gellatly explained that this was his last year as Treasurer; he thanked Julie Dudley for all her help with the accounts and she explained her role. David Roe then thanked Peter for his 13 years as Treasurer and for all his other hard work. The accounts, including the resen/es policy, along with the Annual Report were explained and approved.

As the Chairman was up for re-election, he handed the chair to Rosie Williams for the rest of the meeting. Jenny Taylor, David Roe and David Pryor were duly
re-elected. Amanda Hall, Martin Knights and Jenny Kingcome agreed to stand as Trustees and were elected. Officers and roles will be decided at the next
Trustees’ meeting.

David Roe then outlined the next stages of the pool‘s development plans, with Peter Gellatly describing the proposed rebuilding of the changing rooms. (If you would like to view the architect's plans you can find them here on our website.)  David Pryor announced that annual subscriptions will increase from £40 to £50 (singles), and families from £80 to £100. Great discretion will be applied with families experiencing severe financial hardship — a proposal made by Marion Taylor-Cotter, with no objections. Finally, thanks go to all the members and Trustees who attended this busy AGM.

Marion Taylor-Cotter


The Draft AGM Minutes and associated reports are available here These should be read in conjunction with the other reports and account presented at the AGM (see below).



1) The AGM Agenda – also available are the Minutes of 2019’s AGM

2) A summary Trustees Annual Report (6 pages). This provides a much shorter version of the TAR (see below) plus the Examiner's report, including Accounts, to help you more easily understand the key aspects of SSPC finances and Accounts. As this contains all the most important points it should be sufficient for you to read this and to rely on the fact that the TAR and Accounts have already been approved by our Trustees and reviewed and signed off by our Examiner, Julie Dudley, as complying with the Charity Commission requirements.   

3) The full Trustees Annual Report (TAR) (12 pages) and Accounts, for the year ending 30 September 2020, including accompanying notes and the Examiner's Report

Gift Aid

HMRC has confirmed that gift aid can be claimed on the proportion of subscriptions (60%) offered as a refund to members for this season but not taken up. This proportion of subscriptions, amounting to £17,952 can be treated as donations to qualify for gift aid.
Only 10 members requested a refund out of over 400 this year, so a further gift aid form will be sent to all other members with the request that you complete these and send them back if you are taxpayers. Forms will be sent out after the AGM. This could provide a very important additional source of funds to pay for Stage 2, amounting possibly to as much as £4,000 or more.  Alternatively you can download the form from here.  It would assist greatly if you could complete this and send it to the Membership Secretary (details on the website).