AGM 2022

Draft minutes of the 2022 AGM along with the reports presented can be viewed here and the following summary was submitted for publication in the Parish Magazine: 

The Annual General Meeting of Shere Swimming Pool Club was held on 12 December at Tanyard Hall, Gomshall. It was reported that the Swimming Pool has had another successful year, with one of the highlights being the completion and opening of the new changing rooms, thanks to great work from Rob Arrow Builders.

The change to use of bromine rather than chlorine to disinfect the water has worked very well and there have been no significant problems experienced in pool operations, thanks to the continuing hard work of the technical operations and pool rota teams. Equally, the use of a mixed system, combining booking lanes at some times and allowing open swimming at others has met with the approval of members, who were consulted about their preferences. Steve Moggs, as Health and Safety Manager was also pleased to report that no health and safety incidents had occurred during the year.

Amanda Hall, as Treasurer, reported that the financial affairs of the club were also in good order, with a healthy operating surplus resulting for the year and funds available to be carried forward of nearly £17,000. Donations received from members during the year of £8,300 were substantially augmented by the further extremely successful fundraising campaign which largely took place in October, after the year end, fully meeting the target set of £20,000.

It is planned that the money raised will be put towards the acquisition and installation of an air source heat pump and new gas boiler, to substantially reduce energy consumption and costs, as well as carbon emissions. An application has been made to LoCase, the environmental fund set up by Surrey County Council, to make up the difference in funding required to meet the total cost of £37,500. If this is awarded it is hoped that the new equipment can be installed before the start of the swimming season next year.

The only financial concern at the moment relates to the cost of gas and especially electricity for the future. Trustees have committed to new fixed price contracts from 2023 at the best much higher prices offered, to provide certainty about the maximum costs payable. However, it is still uncertain as to whether and for how long the government will support businesses financially and what reduction this might provide to the adverse impact of high ongoing and volatile prices.  

It has therefore been thought prudent to increase member subscriptions for 2023. Members voted through an increase in annual subscriptions, for individuals from £50 to £60 and, for families from £100 to £120.  An increase in the cost of guest tickets from £1 to £2 for adults was also agreed, with those for children remaining at £1 per session.  The enrolment timetable for membership applications for next year will continue as this year. See the club website for details.

Marion Taylor-Cotter, Ian Allen and Martin Knights stood down as trustees at the meeting and they were thanked by the Chairman for their significant contributions to the success of the club (in Marion and Ian’s cases this being for well over twenty years). In their places Kath Webster was voted in as the new main club secretary, to support the ongoing sterling work of our very long serving secretary, Jenny Taylor. Christian Staunskjaer also became a trustee, having already provided enormous support to the running of the club over the last couple of years, particularly in organising the very successful Fundraising Party held at the pool in October and leading the work to acquire an air source heat pump.

The Chairman also thanked all the committee and volunteers for their hard work in keeping the pool operating so well throughout the year, and members for their donations.

David Roe. Chairman


AGM Invitation - the following was sent to the membership by email

Dear Members,

You are cordially invited to attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 12 December at 8pm, at Tanyard Hall, Gomshall GU5 9LF.

Now that we are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) of which you are the members, we need approval of the Trustees Annual Report and Accounts at our AGM. So we are very keen for you to join us if you can and you will be most welcome to take part in the discussions about the many interesting developments relating to your Swimming Pool Club.

We are including for your information (as links to the documents on our website):
  1. The AGM Agenda – plus the Draft Minutes of Last Year’s 2021 AGM
  2. The Trustees Annual Report (TAR) (7 pages) and Accounts, for the year ending 30 September 2022, including accompanying notes and the Examiner's Report.
The Accounts have been approved by the Trustees and reviewed and certified by our Examiner, Julie Dudley thus complying with the Charity Commission requirements.
You, as members of the club are asked to review and approve the TAR and Accounts by attending the AGM.

In addition to reviewing the TAR & Accounts we would like to mention:

Trustee Appointments
After three years Trustees need to stand down each year in rotation, though they may stand again for re-appointment at the same AGM.
This year it is the turn of the three trustees listed below under 2022 to stand down, as they have been on the committee the longest.  
The years in which each trustee is due to stand down are set out below: 




Marion Taylor-Cotter

Jenny Taylor (Secretary)

Ian Allen

Betty Fitzpatrick

Amanda Hall (Treasurer)

Steve Moggs

Barry Arnfield

David Roe (Chairman)

Clive Stevens


David Pryor (Membership Sec)

Roger Troughton


Martin Knights


Jenny Kingcome


Of the three trustees due to stand down, Marion Taylor-Cotter will be resigning this year while Betty Fitzpatrick and Barry Arnfield are willing to stand again.

In addition, Martin Knights and Ian Allen will also be resigning this year. Otherwise, all other trustees have signified their willingness to continue in their trustee roles. We are looking to keep the number of trustees to around 12 in order to keep the administration manageable, so this means that there are at least two vacancies.

Jenny Taylor would like to be relieved of her main secretarial duties on the committee, so we are looking to recruit a Secretary trustee this year.
Christian Staunskjaer, who has provided substantial, invaluable help to the club over the last few years has also indicated that he would be willing to become a trustee this year.

Anyone else who would either be willing to take on the role of Secretary or join the trustees in another capacity should notify Jenny Taylor at of their interest and ideally be available to attend the AGM.
We are keen to hear from anyone with relevant knowledge and experience as well as those with capacity to share the administrative workload of running the club.

Members Survey Feedback
Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Members Survey in the summer, a summary of the results of which is available here. Members were broadly happy with the mixture of bookable slots and open swimming introduced, so the trustees did not feel there was any necessity to change the arrangements during the remainder of the swimming season.

Stage 3 Pool Upgrade Developments - Air Source Heat Pump and New Gas Boiler  
At the time of writing we are still in the process of obtaining alternative quotes and finalising the selection of a preferred supplier/ installer, as well as the final budget for the ASHP and gas boiler.
Following the highly successful fundraising exercise in September and October we have fully achieved the target of £20,000 in member and other donations, enabling us to apply for an environmental grant from LoCase in December, once we have finalised the supplier and budget. Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to the fundraising. This is much appreciated.  

Subscription Levels
The energy crisis has led to considerable uncertainty and concern for the finances of swimming pools around the country, which has still not been fully resolved. Whilst the government has now indicated that it will provide financial support for vulnerable businesses  through to 2024 and the combination of the ASHP and gas boiler should reduce our consumption of gas substantially, the prices we will need to pay for gas and electricity over the next three years to heat the pool are still unclear. Other operating costs are also continuing to rise. We are also planning some further improvements to the pool environment next year, possibly including new fencing and a path. We therefore believe that we need to be conservative in setting our level of membership subscriptions for 2023.  
In terms of financial support for the pool, the trustees also believe that it is important to share the burden across the full membership, recognising that significant donations over the last few years have been provided by a minority of members. Subscriptions were last increased in 2020, having been held at the same level for the previous four years. We are therefore proposing to increase them again for 2023 to £60 (from £50) for individuals, and £120 (from £100) for families. We still believe that this represents very good value for money, especially given the extended swimming season. There will be a further update on financial developments at the AGM.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.  
Many thanks,

David Roe. Chairman