Here we hope to answer the common questions you may have about the booking system and making a booking.


What do I need to make a booking?
The card that allows you access to the pool looks like this:

Picture of Gate Card

Those of you with good eyesight will see that there are two numbers printed on this card - K2098 and 1100670
These are the numbers the owner of this card (not one of ours) would use to access the booking system.
On some cards there is a . or a * separating the numbers.  You should ignore these.
You can check if your card details are registered here before booking any swim slot.

How do I get the details associated with my card changed?
Please send your card details along with the changes you wish to make by email to sspcbookings[at] and/or contact the Membership Secretary.
Please include "Change Details" in the subject line of the email.
Please allow a few days for these to be amended (remember, we are all volunteers, we don't have the time to check these emails too regularly).

What will I be booking?
You will be booking a slot to swim in one of three lanes on a nominated date for 30 minutes at a specific time on the hour or half hour.

How many people can use a lane?
Lane bookings are per household or membership and only one lane can be booked per household at any one time. Guests are allowed only if they are from the same household or within the household’s “bubble”. The maximum number of people that can use a lane will be limited to six.

What are the lanes?
The pool has been divided into three lanes that run the length of the pool.  Lane 1 is nearest to the gate.  Some people prefer a side so that they have a railing to be able to hang on to, in which case either lane 1 or lane 3 would be best. Lane 3 has the steps in the corner at the shallow end. 

Why are the slots only 30 minutes long?
Simply to give as many members as possible the opportunity of a swim.

How many bookings can I make?
Initially only one at a time, although we hope to increase this to two as soon as we can.  We are aiming to maximise the use of the pool whilst allowing as many members as possible to use it.  As soon as you have had your swim you may book another one.

How often and when will new dates be released?
We hope to maintain something close to a rolling 7 day period of available dates, but as this needs to be managed manually, please bear with us as we are all volunteers.

Can I change or cancel my booking?
Unfortunately not.  If you cannot make the booking you have, why not offer it to another member and give them the booking details.

What if I am late for my slot?
Unfortunately you will have to make do with the remaining time available as there will be other members expecting to swim after the end of your slot.