Guidance Notes for 2024 Applications

This year we are using the online membership system provided by MemberMojo.

Please use the link provided on the website to access the application form.


  • You may ignore the “Sign In” at the top right. We may use this to simplify renewals in future. (see also further down)
  • To continue to the form click or tap on the Join Us / Renew button.
  • During application the lead member details are collected first. For a Family Membership, any additional adult and children are entered on the Additional Linked Members form which will appear after you click on the Next button at the bottom.  A Family Membership covers one or two adults and all children also residing at the same address, who are still under 19 at September 1st of the membership year.
  • Please note the address you provide must be your permanent residential address, not an address of convenience.
  • Please ensure you provide your email address accurately as you will receive an acknowledgement of your application by email. Should you not receive this acknowledgement, please check your spam/junk folder.
  • If you are a renewing member please ensure that you provide your gate card number on the form, so that your existing card can be reactivated for the start of the season. This is found on the top right hand side of your card.
  • You will be required to acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the club rules, emergency action plan and private policy.
  • If you can, please offer your time in the volunteering section of the form as the club very much relies on the support of its members to complete the ongoing tasks of running the swimming pool and to ensure the pool is maintained according to the required standards as set by Guildford Borough Council. We thank you in advance.
  • You are also able to order guest passes and, if required, a replacement gate card on the application form.
  • If you wish to make any additional Applications for other Members in your household using the same email address, then after you have completed the initial application, you will need to Sign In with this email address in order to make the subsequent application(s).

Once you have submitted your application form you will receive an email to acknowledge receipt and your application will then be checked.

You will subsequently receive a further email to confirm that your application has been successful.

You will then be given the link to complete your application and to pay for your membership online.

Unsuccessful applicants will be advised by the membership secretary as to the reason (eg. a discrepancy in the application).

Notes on completing the Additional Linked Members stage of the application:

  • Please ensure that you list all members who form part of your family membership, ie. a second adult along with any children.

The cost of a family membership for 2024 remains at £120 and for a single membership it is £60.


With the use of the new online system, we are now able to accept payments of subscriptions, through PayPal and Stripe, however you will still be able to make a payment by bank transfer if you prefer. To reduce the administrative burden of cheque handling, cheques or cash will only be accepted where members are not able to make online payments.

The cost of an adult guest ticket is £2 each and for children, it is £1 each.

For each guest you must provide valid GUEST TICKETS to the correct value, on which you have recorded your details OR ALTERNATIVELY, a fee of £2 per adult guest / £1 per child guest, must be placed in the box provided WHEN YOU SIGN IN ON ARRIVAL.

The number of guests and tickets/cash deposited must be recorded on the Sign In sheet.  For your convenience we are also accepting PayPal and a QR code is displayed to assist.

All members must sign in when entering the pool enclosure and sign out when they leave the enclosure. They should not sign in and out at the same time! 

As in recent years, it is hoped that the pool will open at the beginning of April, however this is subject to all maintenance work being completed by then. The date of opening will be confirmed on the website in due course.

For renewing members, your existing gate card will be reactivated to allow access to the pool on the first day of opening. Should you encountered a problem please contact the Membership Secretary.

For renewing members who require a replacement gate card, and for new members, gate cards will be sent out in time for the first day of opening. Should you encounter any problems with your new card please contact the Membership Secretary.

The Committee continues to consider all feedback received and has decided that the booking system will continue to operate for 2024 as it did for last season, with bookable lanes and open swimming (where no booking is required) at set times over the week.  A review of this basis of operation will be made by the Committee periodically.  Please note that we also expect Shere and Clandon Schools to be using the pool during the Summer and early Autumn term times when for obvious reasons the pool will be closed to members.

Because the pool operates mostly unsupervised, it is up to each and every member to understand and adhere to the rules which are there for the safety of all.

The committee will continue, at their discretion, to suspend a membership where it becomes aware of a member breaking one or more of the SSPC’s rules. In particular members should be aware that membership will be suspended where a member proactively (or by implication) allows a child/children to enter the pool enclosure without an appropriate supervising adult being present for the duration of the child’s/children's visit.
Ignorance of the rules will be no defence for any member who finds their membership suspended for a breach of SSPC rules.