Shere Swimming Pool Membership

Shere Swimming Pool is normally open from the first weekend in May until the end of September.  In recent years we have endeavoured to open in April, although this is dependant upon completion of any necessary maintenance work.  We have also remained open for more restricted hours in early October. The hours of opening are 6am-9pm from May-August, then 6am-7.30pm in September depending on the hours of daylight available (for full details see Opening Hours).

Both Single and Family memberships are available at the fees confirmed by the AGM held the previous Autumn.  A Family Membership covers one or two adults and all children who are still under 19 at September 1st of the membership year.  Single membership covers one adult swimmer or one non-swimming adult accompanying one child under 18 who is using the pool.  Any child under 16 who cannot swim one width must be accompanied by an adult IN THE WATER and a FAMILY membership is therefore required.  Children cannot have full membership in their own right. 

Membership is open to all, however, as the pool is leased from Shere Parish Council, they have determined that priority should be given to the residents of Shere, Peaslake, Holmbury, Gomshall, Abinger and Albury Parish (including Farley Green, Brook, Albury Heath and Little London).  The residents of these villages are eligible to apply for "Local Membership" whereas people outside of these areas apply for "Remote Membership".

To ensure that the appropriate priority is given, those eligible for "Local Membership" can apply from January of each year, regardless of whether they are new members or renewing their membership.
From the beginning of March people who have been Remote Members in one or both of the previous two years are also allowed to renew their membership. 
From the beginning of March all applications are enrolled as received until the membership quota agreed with the Parish Council is reached.
Should the membership not be fully subscribed by the end of March, then applications will be accepted for New Remote Memberships from the beginning of April.

From 2024 membership application will be online - those unable / or needing help to complete an online form should contact the Membership Secretary.

Because the pool is unsupervised, we are dependent upon all pool users acting in a responsible manner.  For this reason we ask all adults on joining/re-joining to sign that they have understood this and have read and will abide by the club rules