Cleaning Rota 2018



Pool Compound and Changing
Room Sweeping

Cleaning Toilets and
Wash Basins Checking
Toilet Paper Supply

Changing Cubicles 
And Toilet Floor

Extra Pool Compound and Changing cubicles

April 29th




Due to leaf drop

May 06th

Sally Mc Carthy

Elsbeth Moran

Mrs Pattie Hendrie


May 13th

Naia Edwards

Leanne Bates

B.  Mc Lean


May 20th

Brian Hemmings

Laurence Carr

Henrieta Hayden


May 27th

Catharine Eaton

Angie Vincent

The Norris Family


June 03rd

Zoe Jarvis

Annabel Alford Warren

Katie Kinnes


June 10th

Roger Boyd

Mrs Paula D'Aoust

Judith Black


 June 17th

Jennifer Barber

C A Castell Elster

Sarah & Rob Hoddles


 June 24th

Lynne Bramble

Hilary Lucas

Petta-Anne Van Gendt


July 01st

Simon Hill

Mrs Sheila May

Kate Batlin


July 08th

Shirley Wigglesworth

Lisa Ryan

Ciara Richardson

Mr Steven Hoyle

 July 15th

Rebecca Banyard

Sarah Hutton

Pat Ellenger

Lucy Bicknell

July 22rd

Thomas Westcott

Naomi Channing Pearce

John Nicholas

Sam Henderson

July 29th

Arian Hill

Sally Welch

Kelly Mortemer

Gemma Kaffo

August 05th

Marc Anstey

Jackie Carey

Joanne Halford

Vicki Patterson

August 12th

Michael Roberts

 Sue Pears

Boon Small

Jane Waugh

August 19th

Helen Caddock

Natalia &Marcus Cadman

Sam Stretch

Andrea Gabb

August 26th

Sue Savage

Bruce Wyllie

Philippa Galloway

Danielle Hudson

September 02nd

Andrew McNally

Hannah Hawksworth

Lucy Mutch

Stuart Wells


Ellie Quinn

Melanie Bond

Rosmary Wildash

Matt Brown

September 16th

Chris Thomas

Elizabeth Tyrrell

Amanda Childerstone

Andy Hammond

September 23rd

Martin Edser

Melaine Rich

Sheilagh Menzies

Hazel Whitehead

September  30th