Summary of Club Rules

The purpose of these policies is to help safeguard all swimmers.  It is not intended to stop anyone enjoying swimming, nor is it intended to cause difficulties for parents.  A number of these requirements have been laid down by Guildford Borough Council (GBC) following an inspection. 

The pool is small which imposes limitations on its safe use. 

All Members are advised that the Club is a voluntary non-profit making organisation.  It cannot and does not employ any qualified staff, and in particular:


 A first aid kit and accident record book can be found in the sign in room.

  • During booked lane swimming – 30 (maximum 10 per lane)
  • During free swimming periods – 50

Please use your good judgement to avoid the dangers of overcrowding. 

  • It is essential to adhere to all safety notices, in particular:
    (GBC safety recommendation) - The pool is not deep enough to allow this.
    (GBC safety recommendation) - This could obviously represent a danger to others, especially so when the pool is crowded.
    (GBC safety recommendation) - No large tyres, li-los or similar equipment may be used in the pool. Individual small scale flotation aids such as arm bands and back packs may be used.
    - Throwing of any item such as a wet tennis ball is a danger to everyone. 
  • The Pool may be used from 6am to 9pm from May to August 31st and outside of these dates according to the times published on the website and displayed at the pool. This is due to available daylight restricting opening hours during the extended season in April and September to October.
  • A Full Member must be in attendance at all times when the Pool is in use.
    The following club rules for child supervision are based on the recommendations as specified by CIMPSA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity).  
    Supervision ratios:
    Children under 8 years - a maximum of 3 children to 1 adult (the adult must accompany the children in the water)
    Children over 8 years and under 16 years - a maximum of 6 children to 1 adult (the adult must remain within the pool compound and be able to see the children in their care at all times).
    Children under 16 who cannot swim one width must be accompanied in the water by a known adult.
    All children 2 years and under and those not fully potty trained must wear a proper swim nappy.
    Babies under the age of 6 months are not allowed in the water as the pool water chemicals may affect sensitive skin. This is a Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG) guideline.
    Warning: If you are found to have left a young person or persons unattended within the enclosure your membership will be terminated. 
  • Only full members may be issued with a Gate Card for which they are responsible.  Members are not permitted to lend or transfer their gate cards.  If a gate card is lost or stolen the Member must report this to the SSPC Membership Secretary without delay.  Do not open the gate to any person claiming that their card is not working or claiming to have forgotten their card.  If you are found to do so your membership may be terminated. 
  • An ADULT member must sign in upon arrival and sign out when leaving in the book provided in the signing-in room on each visit.
  • If members have given written permission to the Membership Secretary for their 16 -18 year old teenager to swim independently, the teenager must sign in upon arrival and sign out when leaving, in the book provided in the sign in room, on each visit. These teenagers are not permitted to supervise other children or to bring guests.
  • Members may invite guests to the Pool at the cost set for that season.   Members must sign in guests, pay the appropriate amount using any one of the given payment methods, and ensure that their guests are made aware of and comply with the rules displayed at the pool. 
  • All Members are responsible for their own behaviour and that of their family and guests.   All those using the pool will take all reasonable care for the safety and welfare of themselves and other pool users.
  • The Club cannot be held responsible for the safety of Members and their guests nor is the Club responsible for any articles brought to the Pool by any Member or guest.  Accordingly the Club shall not be liable for any damage, injury or loss arising from the acts or omissions of Members and guests.  Members and guests will indemnify and keep indemnified the Club against any liability for damage, injury or loss which may arise from their acts or omissions.
  • Within the pool compound the following restrictions apply:
    No dogs or other animals allowed.
    No barbecues are allowed.
    No alcohol is allowed (except at an official Club event).
    No smoking is allowed.  No electronic cigarettes or vapes are allowed.
    No bicycles, scooters, skateboards or similar are allowed.
    Never run – Always walk. 
  • Any physical or verbal abuse towards Club officials or persons acting upon their behalf in the best interests of the pool will not be tolerated.
  • All persons within the Pool compound are bound both by these Rules and the Rule Boards displayed at the Pool, and to conduct themselves in a sensible, safe, and civilised manner.
    If there is any infringement of these rules or anti-social behaviour observed, those involved will be asked to leave the pool enclosure immediately and the Committee, at their discretion, can cancel membership of the Club without financial reimbursement and with immediate de-activation of the gate entry card.
  • An Officer of the Club may close the Pool and/or Pool compound at any time and without notice in the interests of safety or for purposes of repair/maintenance or for any other reason.

These rules are subject to amendment at the discretion of the Shere Swimming Pool Club Committee.
(Amended 25/3/2024)