AGM 2021

Dear Members,

Whilst we were planning to hold the AGM back at the Tanyard Hall we felt that, depending upon how many members were to attend, the room could get rather cramped which might not be very sensible under the current circumstances, so reluctantly the Trustees have decided that it would be more prudent to resort to Zoom again.  

Hence you are cordially invited to attend our ZOOM based Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Monday 15 November at 8pm prompt. Instructions to register are provided below.
Now that we are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) of which you are the members, we need approval of the Trustees Annual Report and Accounts at our AGM. So we are very keen for you to join us if you can and you will be most welcome to take part in the discussions.


Please register in advance for the meeting using the following link:   

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  All attendees will initially go into the "waiting room" after which Steve Moggs, one of our trustees (as the "host") will admit you onto the call.

If you haven't used Zoom before, then please go to  and click JOIN to join a test meeting and it will automatically download any software it needs. You need to confirm that you are willing to allow Zoom to access your computer’s camera and audio and that should be it.

It would very much help towards the smooth running of the meeting if you could submit any questions in advance to the Secretary. ( )
However, if you do wish to raise a question during the AGM, the best way will be to type it in using the Zoom Chat function and to direct your question to “Everyone”.
Voting arrangements will be briefed at the time - as the features available through Zoom have changed over the last year.


We are including for your information:

1) The AGM Agenda – also available are the Draft Minutes of Last Year’s AGM

2) The Trustees Annual Report (TAR) (8 pages) and Accounts, for the year ending 30 September 2021, including accompanying notes and the Examiner's Report. 

The Accounts have been approved by the Trustees and reviewed and certified by our Examiner, Julie Dudley thus complying with the Charity Commission requirements.
You, as members of the club are asked to review and approve the TAR and Accounts via attending the AGM.


In addition to reviewing the TAR & Accounts we would like to mention:

Changes to the Constitution

The Charities Commission has approved two minor changes to our Constitution, which as members of the Club you need to ratify at the AGM, please (highlighted in blue):

1) Objects - Section 3, Page 3.          
    The objects of the CIO are:
The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of the inhabitants of Shere Parish and the surrounding neighbourhood, by the provision and maintenance of swimming facilities, as well as facilitating the provision of swimming activities and support services.

This change is simply to broaden our objects so that we can readily facilitate activities which enhance participation in and enjoyment of swimming at the pool and/ or promote competence, such as putting on swimming events and providing lessons, if members support provision of these activities.
2) Benefits in kind Section 6, Pages 5/6
    No charity trustee or connected person may:
(a) buy or receive any goods or services from the CIO on terms preferential to those applicable to members of the public, with the exception of their own membership subscriptions, as allowed for and explained in (2) below
(2) Waiver of membership subscriptions for trustees and the pool rota team

The annual membership subscription for the trustees and the pool rota team is waived, in recognition of the substantial time commitment they make each year to the running of Shere Swimming Pool Club and the operation of the pool itself, as all such services are freely given.    

It has long been the practice of the Swimming Pool Club to waive these fees, before we became a charity, but this now needs regularisation within the more stringent regulations applying to charitable organisations. It is hoped that members appreciate the efforts of the volunteers who act as trustees and support the smooth running of the pool, so will support this concession continuing.  
The Constitution has also been provided with an index to ease consultation (so this addition and renumbering are also highlighted in blue).   

Trustee Appointments

After three years Trustees need to stand down each year in rotation, though they may stand again for re-appointment at the same AGM. 

This year it is the turn of the four trustees listed below under 2021 to stand down, as they have been on the committee the longest.  The years in which each trustee is due to stand down are set out below:  

2021 2022 2023
Ian Allen Marion Taylor-Cotter Jenny Taylor (Secretary)
Steve Moggs Betty Fitzpatrick Amanda Hall (Treasurer)
Clive Stevens Barry Arnfield David Roe (Chairman)
Roger Troughton Rosie Williams * David Pryor (Membership Sec)
    Martin Knights
    Jenny Kingcome

All of the four trustees due to stand down are willing to stand again.

* Rosie Williams has decided to stand down due to other new commitments, otherwise all other trustees have signified their willingness to continue in their trustee roles. We are looking to keep the number of trustees to around 12 in order to keep the administration manageable.

Subscription Levels

Membership subscriptions were increased last year. We are not proposing to increase them again this year. 

Changing Room Rebuild

The rebuild of the changing rooms should be commencing shortly.  Details of the project scope and timescales will be given at the AGM.
If you would like to view the architect's plans you can find them here on our website.


Many thanks
(sent on behalf of)
David Roe. Chairman