The 2018 AGM will be held on Wednesday 31st October at 8pm in The Tanyard Hall, Gomshall.
Drinks and nibbles will be available (but please feel free to bring more!)

The following email has been sent on behalf of the Chairman to Members:

Shere Swimming Pool Club - Members AGM 31 October 2018

The Pool Committee would like to cordially invite you to attend our AGM on Wednesday 31 October, at 8.00pm in Tanyard Hall, Gomshall.  (The Agenda can be viewed here, or a PDF copy downloaded from here.)

This will be an important opportunity for you to get an update on the state of our progress in seeking to update or rebuild the pool, and for you to provide feedback, as well as to have a say in our future plans. The scope of the work required, options, funding and development challenges will be summarised and discussed.

Much work is still needed to explore and bid for grants which might be available to rebuild the pool and upgrade the plant room systems. The potential availability of funding, as well as member views, through full consultation, will then inform a decision as to whether a full rebuild is feasible and necessary, or a more partial upgrade of facilities and systems would be sufficient to ensure future sustainability of the pool.

We need lots of extra help, so the Pool Committee will be very interested to hear from anyone who has skills, experience and some time to help move the initiative forward, including through to full implementation. This might be through a role on the Committee or co-opted as part of one of the working groups

Assistance would be much appreciated from those with experience of making grant applications, conducting member surveys, commercial evaluation of building tenders, construction project management and health and safety, in particular. The Committee will also benefit from the involvement of more members to represent the interests of different groups, such as parents of younger and older children, those with disabilities, older people.

If you are interested in being considered for a role on or in support of the Committee it would be very helpful if you could contact us in advance by replying to this email and/ or discussing the possibility and what would be involved with myself, as Chairman. This will enable us to consider new and revised roles in advance, as time will be limited at the meeting. It would also be particularly helpful if you were then able to attend the AGM, when any new committee members will be proposed and elected.  For your information, there are typically around 7 evening committee meetings and the AGM to attend each year. 

Feedback request: needs/ benefits: Finally, an additional request, please. We urgently need some very brief quotes from you to indicate what needs you have for swimming and what benefits you gain from using the pool, as individuals or families. This is to go into a new grant application we are making. In particular, if you have anything to contribute on how this swimming helps your physical and/ or mental health development and well-being, or benefits to the family group from swimming together that would be very helpful. We need responses within the next week. Please email these to Kate Batlin at or call her on her mobile 07855 427037 to discuss these/ provide the feedback we need efficiently.  

Many thanks and looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 31st October.

David Roe

07860 163796


The minutes and accounts of last years AGM be viewed here.