AGM 2017


Held on Wednesday 18th October 2017 8pm at the Tanyard Hall, Gomshall 

A summary of the AGM is provided below, the minutes and reports can be viewed here.

There was a good turnout of members for the AGM, given the important issues relating to the future of the swimming pool to be discussed. 

David Roe agreed to take on the vacant role of Chairman and Jason Allen was also voted on to the committee, with all current members continuing. 

The Shere Swimming Pool is well over 100 years old and, inevitably, is now probably in need of more substantial refurbishment, or possibly even re-building.  In particular, the leaking of water from the pool has increased this year and there have been ongoing problems with crumbling of the rendering on the sides of the pool. There is also the ongoing issue of water welling up from the spring underneath the pool to address, in any major works to be undertaken.
Exploratory work has been agreed to pressure test and investigate the pipework for leaks and to effect immediate repairs, where needed, if modest. However, it is now also necessary to consider the possible fuller costs of ongoing increased maintenance year by year, in comparison with the cost of a more substantial rebuild, before any more significant short-term repairs expenditure is incurred.

Earlier in the summer the Committee commissioned an independent swimming pool expert to report on the pool, and to draw up a proper specification for a possible reconstruction. This work is still in progress.  The plan is therefore, following the current investigations and further consultation with pool experts and builders, to make a comparison of relative costs and benefits of the different options, and to agree an optimum strategy for the future.

Whilst the club currently has sufficient financial resources to commission further moderate repair and maintenance work, rebuilding would require major fundraising to be undertaken. There is a possibility that grants might be obtained to help pay for rebuilding, which would be the preferred approach. 

It is hoped that members will not need to be involved in major fund-raising events themselves at this stage, or to contribute much more themselves to the costs. So, it was agreed provisionally, that member subscriptions should therefore be kept at current levels for the coming year.   
Until we know where we stand, it is too early to start on any fundraising or grant applications just yet as these will require detailed costings of the work to be carried out. It is nevertheless important that work be progressed as quickly as possible to formulate all the different options and associated costings in parallel, so that a way forward can be agreed which would not jeopardise the pool being open for members next year. The aim will be to convene an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting ) for members to agree the way forward, once the options are clear.  

The issues and problems were discussed at some length in the meeting, with many useful questions and ideas being put forward by members. A need was also recognised to improve  communications with members, and so every effort will be made to keep you all up to date with progress via the website, emails, Facebook etc.

The AGM agenda can be viewed here (or a PDF copy downloaded from here).