News Archive - 2015

SSPC Further Reminder (July 2015)

This e-mail has been sent to all members for whom we hold a correct email address.  It may or may not be relevant to you.  

All of the below has been made clear in the rules which you have accepted by signing them when you made your application.

  • Family membership requires the named children to be accompanied by an adult member within the enclosure at all times.
  • It follows therefore that you may not give your card to your children so that they can use the pool while you are at work, unless they are over 18, in which case they are responsible for their own safety and behaviour, and that of any guests.
  • If your children are found unaccompanied in the enclosure YOUR MEMBERSHIP WILL IMMEDIATELY BE TERMINATED AND FUTURE APPLICATIONS DECLINED.
  • Children over 19 before September 1st 2014 living at home require their own membership.
  • Children who have left home but visit you are VISITORS.  You must accompany them to the pool, provide guest tickets and remain in the enclosure with them.
  • You may not ‘lend’ your card to a friend while you are on holiday.
  • You may not give your card to a friend to use at any time.
  • If the slider on the ticket box is closed SLIDE IT OPEN.   ‘The box was closed’ is not a justification for the failure to deposit guest tickets or payment in cash.  Please indicate on the sign-in form if you have left cash,  eg. 2 could be 2 tickets or £2.
  • Do not go through the gate because it is has been opened by another member.  Please use YOUR card when ENTERING and LEAVING, and sign IN and OUT.

Due to abuse of the rules SSPC now monitors the gate records and EVERY TIME YOUR CARD IS USED IT IS RECORDED.  This record makes clear when there has been repeated and unorthodox use of YOUR card during any one day.  If such use is observed you will receive a warning and if the behaviour continues your membership can be withdrawn.

If you repeatedly choose not to sign in the same sanction applies.

SSPC Committee, July 2015


SSPC Reminder to all Members (June 2015)

The following email has been sent out to all members (for whom we hold a correct email address):

No membership application is processed without a signed copy of the rules accompanying it.  Unfortunately a small minority of members of SSPC appear to regard observing the rules for use of the pool as optional.  Therefore the Committee once again brings to your attention the following –

All young persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied and supervised by a known adult member at all times within the pool enclosure whether in or out of the water.

If you allow under-aged persons to use the membership entry card without being accompanied by a known adult member over the age of 18 years or are found to have left a young person or persons unattended within the enclosure your membership will immediately be terminated and future applications refused.  

There will be no further discussion and no second chances.

In addition the young persons will be asked to leave the enclosure and the responsibility for their safety is yours.

If your children are in the care of an au pair or child minder this person must be over 18 and have their own membership.

It is already difficult for the Club to obtain insurance, any accident that involved unattended young persons, which would be in contravention of Pool Rules, would result in insurance cover being withdrawn and the Pool being closed forever. 

In the interest of all Pool users this cannot be allowed to happen. 

You are also reminded that it is not permitted to give access into the pool compound to any persons requesting entry who do not have a membership card in their possession. 

SSPC Committee, June 2015


Pre-season cleaning and maintenance 2015

In April the committee emptied, cleaned and repainted the pool, as can be seen in the following pictures:

Shere Pool Prep Shere Pool Prep Shere Pool Prep Pool being filled

The pool was then filled and it reopened on Sunday 3rd May.


New Website

Welcome to our new website.  Following the sad passing of Mike Westbrook, the website has passed to new hands. We are continuing to add information as we get the opportunity, and if you have any interesting snippets or photographs, then please send them to  Please note that we cannot publish any photos showing any people without a signed consent form.  Ducks should be OK though.

A Reminder from last year

This season we will adopt a zero tolerance policy for those that deliberately break the rules that they have agreed to abide by.  Obviously the rules are in place for insurance purposes, safe use of the pool, and for the shared enjoyment of this precious facility by all.  Any infringement will result in removal of the gate card.