Data Privacy Policy (Draft April 2018)

The Shere Swimming Pool Club (henceforth “the Club”) relies on the Legitimate Interests clause as the legal basis for processing your information. This is most appropriate where Clubs use people’s data in ways that they would reasonably expect, and which have a minimal privacy impact.  All personal information has been voluntarily provided to the Club so that individuals (and, where appropriate, their families) can become Members of the Club and it is reasonable to expect the information will be used to manage membership and to inform Members of current and future activity.
Further information on Legitimate Interests can be found here:

The personal data provided will be kept securely by the Membership Secretary. Certain data may be shared with other Committee Members solely for the interests of the Club, for example to draw up the Cleaning rota, or to assist with mailing or emailing the membership on important Club matters.  No personal information is, or will be, sold or shared with 3rd parties, not even with other Members.

The personal data retained by the Club is limited to the data voluntarily supplied when applying for membership of the Club.

A copy of this data can be supplied upon request to the Membership Secretary, although understandably for security purposes, only to the email address or postal address corresponding to that held in our records.

You may request that your personal data be corrected

You may request for your personal data to be deleted. However, it must be realised that this would result in the cancellation of your membership of the Club.