For the latest update, please see the January 2020 item on the News page.

Shere Swimming Pool Club is planning to undertake a major upgrade programme. Although the basic pool structure has now been confirmed as sound, much of the supporting infrastructure, such as the water treatment plant, is in urgent need of upgrading, as it is not fully effective and does not meet latest health and safety standards. The upgrade plan includes replacement of pipework, filters and pumps, as well as additional skimmers and restoring the former greater depth of water in the shallow end. This will be for the general benefit of all swimmers, but also, specifically so that Shere Infants School can use the pool, with the greater depth facilitating provision of swimming instruction. In addition, it is intended to improve access and the changing rooms, so that disabled people can also use the facilities and gain the considerable health benefits and enjoyment through swimming at our wonderful pool which the rest of us currently do. The aim is to allow limited additional individuals and groups to use the pool at non-peak times, so as to ensure that there is no over-crowding or impairment of the swimming experience of existing members.  

An overall budget of £221,000 has been prepared, and we currently have £91,000 available from the club’s own resources, the Parish Council and initial donations pledged. It may be possible to reduce the budget if the plant room doesn't need to be rebuilt and savings can be made in the specification and obtaining quotes for the changing room upgrade, but the programme will still require substantial additional funding, up to a possible £130,000, if further savings cannot be achieved. It is proving difficult to obtain sporting grants, as these tend to require significant increases in swimming participation, to justify the high levels of investment required. This is unrealistic for us, given the limited capacity of the pool and the fact that we will not now be expanding it. We were disappointed to hear back recently that our major application to the London Marathon Charitable Trust has just been declined, largely we think for this reason. 

We need to raise up to a further £55,000 urgently from a combination of grants and donations from members, other local individuals and businesses to meet our targets, in time to commence the pool and plant room systems upgrade in October 2019. We would like to complete these improvements in time for the new swimming season in 2020. Up to a further initially estimated £76,000 might be needed in order to improve access and the changing rooms, although we are looking at ways of reducing the costs to do this significantly, as a second priority. The club is becoming a charitable organisation to further these aims and this should make obtaining grants easier and enable us to obtain gift aid on donations. 

Shere Pool is run entirely by volunteers and therefore depends on YOU - our supportive community - to stay afloat! Members of the club obtain substantial physical and mental well-being benefits through swimming in this unique, outdoor heated community swimming facility. If the pool has to close for health and safety reasons then these benefits and a great community asset will be lost. We are therefore asking you to let us know what contributions you might be willing to make individually by making an initial pledge using this form and to let us know of any other possible sources of funding, either through individuals or organisations you are aware of. Many thanks for your support.