News Archive - 2018

May 2018

The following email from the Chairman, David Roe, was sent on 12th May to all members for whom we have correct email addresses:

Shere Pool Temporary Closure on Monday 14th and Tuesday 15th May

The skimmer at the pool is being lowered this next Monday, 14 May, so that we can comply with the maximum pool depth recommendations.  After careful consideration we have decided that it would be sensible to close the pool for Monday and Tuesday, as the water level will need to be lowered temporarily and there will also be some disruption whilst the work is being undertaken. It will take until Tuesday for the concrete to set before the water level can be raised again. We apologise for the inconvenience.

We would also like to apologise for the teething problems the skimmer issue has caused in getting the pool operating as it should be over the first few days. The water level has had to be lowered slightly below the maximum recommended level of 1.5 metres from opening day, but the skimmer, as currently positioned, does not operate at that low water level. This has meant that there has been no automatic collection of leaves and other debris through the skimmer, which has in turn led to the pump filter becoming clogged with debris and the pump ceasing to operate. Unfortunately the opening coincided exactly with the oak tree deciding to drop its flowers this year. This problem has also contributed to initial difficulties in bringing the temperature up to the right level, of 28 degrees, and some clouding of the water. Significant efforts have been made to clear the debris regularly and, after the initial problem, the pump has since been kept going and the temperature increased, meaning that the pool has still been safe to swim in, throughout this time. The problem will be fully resolved once the skimmer has been lowered next week.

Thank you for your forbearance.

David Roe


The following email from the Chairman, David Roe, was sent on May 3rd to all members for whom we have correct email addresses:


We are looking forward to re-opening the pool this Sunday, 6th May, after what have been quite extensive repairs this year. A major leak around the inlet pipe has been fixed, so we hope that the knock-on difficulties in maintaining the correct water temperatures and chemical dosing will be minimal this year.  More comprehensive re-rendering has also been undertaken.  

We have, this week, had an independent inspection undertaken by ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), and I am very pleased to let you know that they have concluded that there are no safety concerns which would stop us re-opening the pool this weekend.

The only remaining action affecting the pool itself is to lower the skimmer slightly, so that the maximum depth does not exceed 1.5 metres, whilst ensuring that the skimmer will still operate effectively.  We are hoping that this will be done this week but, if not, it will be done next week.  This should not stop you swimming in the pool, but we apologise for any minor inconvenience.

An emergency phone is also being installed and instructions for its use will be provided. We will also be improving the safety signs and providing a reach pole, to help in any rescue required.

Health and Safety review

We have undertaken a thorough review of health and safety risks at the pool this year, using an expert to produce a comprehensive Risk Assessment Report for us. Wide-ranging resulting actions have included our team responsible for the operation of the pool being booked on courses in May, to obtain National Pool Operators Certification.

We are also updating our health and safety procedures, including in the case of emergencies. The need for adult members to take full responsibility for safety is especially important in the light of it not being practicable, affordable or necessary for us to have a lifeguard in attendance.

Member's responsibilities

In particular:

1. Health and Safety is our top priority - please continue the good practices of last year and observe the signs for no running, diving, bombing, use of inflatables or throwing items in the pool and surrounds - let's make 2018 an injury free year at Shere Swimming Pool Club! 

2. Children are naturally excited at the pool, so the continued cooperation of parents and guardians in personally supervising their children at all times will help ensure safety and enjoyment for all

3. Pool maintenance is occasionally required when the pool is open and chemicals need to be added, so your cooperation in vacating the pool is very important and will be appreciated

4. Signing in and out is a member’s personal responsibility, including signing in and paying for all guests. The reliability of these records is vitally important to demonstrate the extent of current pool use, which will also be needed to provide evidence of increased future use in connection with any grant applications

5. Pool checks will be made regularly, so please be prepared to show your membership card to pool committee members when asked

6. Your pool membership is for your use only!   

Possible pool re-build

The Committee has also been busy preparing a grant application, to see whether it might be possible to obtain sufficient funding to re-build the pool for the future. This would include possible widening, improving filtration and other plant room systems, as well as access and changing room facilities.
The aim would be to enable more people who would benefit from being physically active through swimming to use the pool, better meeting the specific needs of local schools and disabled people. This project is still in its early stages, but we will keep you posted with developments.

Cover Rota

If there is anyone else who lives close to the pool and could help by putting the cover on for some evenings, then please get in touch with Tillie Williams, at tillie_w[at] . 


Finally, can we on your committee just wish you well in your enjoyment of the Shere Swimming Pool this year, and hope for some good weather.

David Roe

April 2018

As reported at the AGM, the changing room doors have been treated to a much needed lick of paint (courtesy of Steve Moggs) and the pipework used to take water from the pool, heat it, treat it and return it, has been pressure tested and leaks have been found. It is believed one of these will have been responsible for the significant water losses we were experiencing last year.

As well as fixing these, the Committee has engaged Surrey Swimming Pools to remove and repair the failing render on the sides of the pool, and to repair the steps at the shallow end. 

Pool repairs 1 (Apr-2018) 

Pool repairs 2 (Apr-2018)

Once all the repairs have been completed they will be painting the pool and further pressure testing on the pipework will take place.

To help improve Health & Safety at the pool, the Committee have also been reviewing a Risk Assessment that was carried out last year. One noticeable consequence of this is that we will have to remove the solar "heating" for the shower as apparently this provides an ideal environment in which nasty bugs can breed.

Behind the scenes, the team who manage the operation of the pool have been booked onto courses to obtain National Pool Operators Certificates in May.  Anyone else who is willing to become a member of this team (it's typically a once a week commitment and you don't need to join the Committee!) is asked to contact Steve Moggs or anyone else on the Committee as soon as possible for further details and so that they can be included in the training programme.

Led by our new Chairman, David Roe, the Committee have also been looking hard at what would be required in the event of a pool rebuild together with possible grant applications to cover some of the costs. Shere Parish Council are assisting by helping with grant applications and sources of funding. The Parish Council are being kept up to date with progress and all other aspects relating to the pool.

In the mean time, we are working towards reopening the pool as usual at the beginning of May.