News Archive - 2017

News Archive - 2017

Late October 2017

The 2017 AGM was held on Wednesday 18th October at 8pm in The Tanyard Hall, Gomshall.
The following short report will appear in the next edition of the Shere Parish Magazine:

Held on Wednesday 18th October 2017 8pm at the Tanyard Hall, Gomshall  

A good turnout for this meeting with about 40 members present.  First the usual business of an AGM,  including the welcome election of a new Chairman, David Roe.   The Shere Swimming Pool is well over 100 years old. It is probably nearing the end of its life and now needs major work or perhaps even rebuilding.  The members heard that much exploratory work has already been done, with a specialist report and input from pool building companies.  We are at present awaiting pressure tests.   The problems were discussed at some length, with useful input from members. As soon as the way forward becomes clear an EGM will be held.  The Pool website  will be kept updated with ongoing progress. 

A more comprehensive report can be found on the AGM page.

October 2017

The pool has now closed for the season.  The Committee would like to extend its thanks to all those volunteers who have helped maintain the pool and the surrounds over the summer.  We are actively investigating what can be done to resolve the issues with the leakage of water from the pool.  Please come along to the AGM to help us work out the best way forward.

June 2017

We welcome David Pryor as our new Membership Secretary (contact details on the Committee page).  

April 2017

The following email was sent to the membership on 28 April, if you didn't receive it, it was because we have a number of email addresses recorded incorrectly:

Subject: Shere Swimming Pool Opening

The Pool opens on Sunday 30th April.  Membership is full.  We are looking forward to a sunny enjoyable season.  The Committee work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Shere Swimming Pool as safe as possible.
After many years of stalwart stewardship Mary Kelly has decided to give up being Membership Secretary to Shere Swimming Pool Club.  The Committee would like to thank Mary for her sterling efforts as Membership Secretary and wish her a happy ‘retirement’.  
Shere Swimming Pool Club is now looking for a new Membership Secretary.  Familiarity with computers and Excel would be a great asset.  For further information please contact the Secretary, Jenny Taylor, by email: secretary[at]  or by post: Town Clays, Gomshall Lane, Shere, Guildford GU5 9HE.
Until a new Membership Secretary is in post, any membership queries will be handled on a best endeavours basis.
The Swimming Pool Committee are also looking for more volunteers to help with putting the pool cover on at night. Please contact Louise Duncan for more details.
For those who offered to help with the Cleaning Rota, this is now available at
For more news including the latest pool temperature, checkout the Facebook page: (no longer in use)
Sent on behalf of the SSPC Committee

We are also looking for a new Membership Secretary to replace Mary Kelly who is retiring from the role.  Familiarity with computers and Excel would be a great asset. Mary has kindly offered to help bring the new recruit up to speed, and other assistance is available. Furthermore, the hardest task of registering the membership for this year has been completed!  For more information, please contact Jenny Taylor (01483 202317 or secretary[at] 

We are looking for additional volunteers to assist Louise and others with putting the cover on the pool in the evenings.  To assist with this it makes sense if you live fairly close to the pool.  For more information, please contact Louise Duncan or Jenny Taylor (secretary[at]

March 2017

We are still hoping to open the pool on Sunday 30th April, although there is a lot to do before that and we are reliant upon favourable weather!