Additional Rules during Covid-19

  1. Members must book a half hour time slot using the online booking system (3 lanes are available). Lane bookings are per household and only one lane can be booked per household at any one time. Guests are allowed and can be from different households, although social distancing should be maintained wherever possible. The maximum number of people that can use a lane will be limited to six. 

  2. Persons experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or having to self-isolate must not enter the pool compound 

  3. Anyone visiting the pool must sanitise their hands prior to opening the gate and entering the compound. An accessible sanitiser is located by the gate for this purpose. Please do not allow children to touch the gate. 

  4. Members and guests should enter the pool compound not more than 10 minutes before their swimming slot starts. They should stay within the lower pool enclosure  area (as opposed to the raised area around the pool), ensuring they observe social distancing from others preparing to swim. 

  5. One person must sign in all attendees after entering the compound, sanitising their hands before using the pen. 

  6. Personal baggage should either be left in the lower pool area or in the bicycle shed. 

  7. Supervising adults who are not swimming should be kept to a minimum and must stay off of the raised area around the pool. 

  8. Members and guests about to swim should allow swimmers from the earlier slot booking to exit the water before entering the pool. 

  9. Members and guests must stay in the lane they have booked. 

  10. Swimmers should leave the water promptly as soon as their half hour slot finishes. 

  11. After exiting the water, members may shower before changing. 

  12. Changing rooms may be used before and after swimming (members may not leave items in the changing rooms).

  13. Members and guests using the toilet must sanitise it after use by themselves/ their children. A sanitiser will be available; (it would be helpful if members could also bring their own sanitisers in case any at the pool have temporarily run out). 

  14. No consumption of food and drink is allowed in pool compound. 

  15. Once changed members and their guests should exit the pool compound. 

  16. Pool volunteers are to be allowed to enter the pool compound at any time but must observe social distancing rules.

(Amended 20/7/2021)